'Blue Moon' featured on Vanidad Magazine - January 2019
'Jingle Bell Lapsed' - December 2018
She is Elena (Trend Models) - November 2018
'Russian Red' - October 2018
Feat on Kluid Magazine, 'Camila, I already knew your name' - September 2018
Editorial 'November 30th', July 2018.
She is Sonia K. June 2018
Summer's here - Naiara (Blow Models) - May 2018
Back with Julio Taeño (Trend Models) - April 2018
She is Natalie K (Blow Models) - March 2018
Beautiful J O H A N N A  D. (Blow Models) - February 2018


Young and wild Liya (Uno Models) - December 2017
She is  E V A  B L A N C O  (Uno Models) - November 2017
'O H  J O A N ' featured in Kluid Magazine
He is  J  U L I O   T A E Ñ O  (TREND MODELS) : October 2017
She is  E V A  L O I S  (UNO MODELS) : September 2017
Amazing  C A R L A  B E N A V E N T   (UNO MODELS) : June 2017
She is  H E L E N A   E G U I Z A B A L   (Uno Models) : May 2017
Beautiful  M E L  : April 2017
He is  O M A R . March 2017

She is  P I L L E  A L A S I . February 2017. 
She is  A M A N D A  W O L F . September 2016.
She is  G A R A  N O E L  (Uno Models). March 2016.